Friday, May 8, 2015

Abscess of the auricle gets drained

A while ago, I published a post with an assortment of videos showing yucky abscesses being lanced. Today, I've found yet another cool educational clip on YouTube where a painful, pus-filled problem is being tackled with a scalpel.

Some poor person has an infection of the auricle (that's the external part of your ear - also called the pinna), or more precisely - of that little hanging fleshy part where earrings are inserted, the lobe. The earlobe is very red, swollen and it looks like the condition must be agonizing to say the least. The surgeon carefully injects some local anesthetic around the abscess, then makes an incision with a scalpel and a stream of whitish pus flows out. Afterwards, the doctor packs the bleeding abscess cavity with gauze. Unfortunately, the text of the video is all in Spanish. The original video was posted on YouTube by one DrCarbonell.

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  1. Had it, but not that bad, went away on its own.
    Stop playing with your ears!