Friday, November 7, 2014

Giant condyloma acuminatum of the anal region

I have lots of work to do right now and I can't really afford to spend time blogging, so today, I'll just post an extremely nasty picture with a short comment. The picture comes from an article published in the Pan African Medical Journal in 2014 and  looks like this:

Believe it or not - the photo marked (D) shows a large tumor in the perianal area of the patient, a 52-year-old man suffering from giant condyloma acuminatum. This is a large, slow-growing, exophytic, cauliflower-like tumor occurring in the anogenital region. It's benign, but prone to malignant transformation. The cause? Human papilloma virus infection.

This particular tumor was around 17 centimeters long - a big, red, smelly mass which had been growing slowly for several years. The tumor bled easily, and I can't imagine how the patient was able to defecate. Pelvic MRI revealed that the growth extended to the anal canal and to pelvic-rectal fat (A, B, C). Surgeons managed to remove almost the entire mass, sparing the anal sphincter. (E) shows the patient's anal region after resection. (A white Foley catheter is inserted into the anal orifice.)

Human papillomaviruses are typically spread through sexual contact. So, if you have unprotected anal sex with the wrong person, you could potentially end up like this poor guy. Consider yourself warned.


Oussaid M, Hassani KI. (2014) Huge Buschk Loewenstein tumor: report of a historical case. [ Article in French] Pan Afr Med J. 18:38. doi: 10.11604/pamj.2014.18.38.3723. eCollection 2014.

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