Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fooling around with a needle

People sometimes get pretty strange ideas. Probably every ER doctor has seen at least one bizarre case where an unlikely foreign body has been inserted into the male genitalia and needs to be removed. Sometimes the motive is sexual pleasure, sometimes it's about adornment or penis enlargement, and sometimes it's difficult to ascertain the reason. The 20-year-old male who came to a hospital in Nellore, India with an unusual penetrating injury to his penis was initially too ashamed to admit what actually happened. A stitching needle, 6 cm in length, was stuck at the base of his penis, the sharp tip only just palpable. At first, he claimed it had been an accidental injury. Yeah, right. After some prodding, he admitted inserting the needle himself. The motive? Sexual gratification. Please don't ask me how it's possible to achieve sexual gratification with a needle.

Here's an X-ray showing a sharp metallic object in the pelvic area. The tip of the needle had pierced the prostate.

The needle had to be removed surgically, with fluoroscopic guidance. A pressure dressing was applied afterwards. The wound healed well, with only mild penile swelling in the postoperative period. The patient had no trouble passing urine and no erectile dysfunction after healing.

And here's a picture of the needle after removal. As you can plainly see, it was not a small needle.


S.V. Krishna Reddy (2013) Unusual Penetrating Injury to the Male Genitalia. Int Neurourol J. 17(1): 38–40.

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