Monday, October 7, 2013

Self-castration due to cannabis abuse

Drug addicts are well known for their crazy and sometimes violent behavior, but one has to wonder what a 40-year-old marijuana smoker from Morocco was thinking when he became the first person described in medical literature to perform self-castration while stoned. In plain words: after smoking a large amount of weed, this man went into some sort of frenzy and clawed out his testicles with his fingernails. Eek!

This is what a pair of testicles looks like when removed from the scrotum (the sac that normally holds them):

And these are the long fingernails that did the job. Ewww.

The article doesn't say how much weed the guy had smoked on a regular basis before this drastic event - a lot, I assume. He had previously undergone psychiatric treatment for alcohol and cannabis abuse, to no avail because of his poor compliance with therapy, but he had no history of childhood trauma or personality disorders. 

At the time of admission to the hospital, several hours after the castration, he had lost so much blood that he was in a state of hemodynamic shock and needed a transfusion. There was a single lacerated wound on his scrotum and a large scrotal hematoma. His speech was normal, he showed no signs of psychosis and reported no suicidal thoughts or intentions.

Patient's mutilated scrotum several hours after self-castration. Image from: Ahsaini et al. (2011)

The scrotum was repaired surgically and after two days, the patient was transferred to a psychiatric department to treat his cannabis addiction. Testosterone replacement therapy was also suggested, because castration carries a risk of long-term health effects, ranging from mild ones like weight gain to osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems.

Self-inflicted testicular injuries are an uncommon phenomenon; most have been reported in transsexual patients who desire emasculation or by psychotic patients with either functional or organic brain diseases like schizophrenia or a severe personality disorder. Amphetamine and cocaine have been associated with severe self-injurious behavior, but not cannabis. However, studies in humans do show that cannabis use may cause psychosis and cognitive impairments, and that genetic vulnerability may increase the risk of developing these problems.

Source: Ahsaini M, Tazi F, Khalouk A, Lahlaidi K et al. (2011) Bilateral testicular self-castration due to cannabis abuse: a case report. J Med Case Rep. 5: 404.


  1. obviously this guy was using a HELL of a lot more than weed! Weed does not make anyone that psychotic. this is just another attempt to make marijuana seem like a dangerous drug when in reality it's FAR from it.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Actually, the article stresses that this is the first case of self-castration under the influence of marijuana described in medical literature, so obviously it's a very unusual occurrence. I wouldn't generalize as to the effects of weed, though, since the same amount of a psychoactive substance can affect different people very differently (e.g. it's common knowledge that the same amount of alcohol will cause one person to become happy and talkative and another person to become violent...)

    2. It is what they cut the weed with. Go ahead and do as much weed as you want. When you have a stroke remember how much you enjoyed the weed. Let us not forget the bed sores,tubes stuck in every opening on your body. Having someone else give you a bath.And that is just the beginning. ENJOY

  2. The weed didn't influence nothing... A crackhead wouldn't even rip out their balls. This work from a true sicko just because he has no record doesn't mean he not messed up in the head. He had some problems what a true sicko......